Eko Market Hub (An Africa Venture Group Company)

573 Rue Sylvani, Douala, Cameroun
Rue Sylvani, opposite maison bois Douala Littoral 80202 CM

Company Overview:

Eko Market Hub is the most ambitious online mall in Cameroon. We launched in April 2017 and our mission is to become the reference in term of the market place in Central Africa.

We serve a various niche of customers that continue to grow exponentially, offering products that span various categories including, Phones, Electronics, Clothing, Appliances, Construction Materials, Books, Services, Personal Care and much more.

Our services range are designed to ensure a greater customer satisfaction and unique online experience. These services include:

  •     Lowest Price guarantee
  •     Payment convenience
  •     Dedicated and professional Customer service
  •     1-Week free return policy* (available in selected Area)
  •     Order delivery Tracking
  •     Reviews, Surveys and Verifications
  •     SME assistance and much more.

As we continue to improve and grow the mall size, we are going to remain agile, simple and customer focused. Join us today and let’s share a win-win benefit.

Whether you are in Cameroon, Central Africa or Diaspora, we are committed to finding innovative ways of improving your overall experience with us. So, give us some feedbacks at help@ekomarkethub.com . For any press and related questions, kindly send us an email at Hello@ekomarkethub.com

Africa Venture Group (www.africaventuregroup.com | http://www.africaventurelab.com ) was born in the USA, Texas-Houston in 2016 with the aim of assisting the African Entrepreneur with no access to capital and/or skills required to successfully creating and running a successful venture. At Africa Venture Lab (AVL), we focus on small projects with social impact (PWSI) and Overall Service Improved (OSI).

Africa Venture Lab is an innovative agency with the mission of strengthening the African Entrepreneur. We do it by identifying project focusing on social impact and improved services using internet and limited technologies; not only we aim to invest in those projects as low as $1000, we equally bring our knowledge and expertise in Management, Projects, Governance and Entrepreneurship on the ground. Our approach start in any country in Africa for a single project and then scale the solution as it become necessary and vital. Our agile process allows us to blend into any existing team, offering a full collaborative experience.

Contact us thru http://www.africaventurelab.com

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